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Personalized courses
In the studio of
R. Baptiste

An engraver like his father, Roland Baptiste is at the service of people who want to learn to engrave with ancestral and modern techniques.  

Graduated since 1993 from the Liège Armory School and holder of the Pedagogical Aptitude Certificate (CAP) Roland Baptiste offers the rare possibility of using Palmcontrol and Classic airgraver in Europe.

Class recommended by Steve Lindsay.

The students are received one by one in order to have a more personalized learning.
On request, possibility of two students simultaneously with a reduced course cost.

Unlike other internships, the course program adapts to the progress of each student's learning, thus not being limited to a program and techniques previously fixed.

This has the advantage of not hampering the discovery of techniques and also of avoiding an accumulation of weeks necessary to achieve the best possible satisfaction of the curiosity and expectations of the pupil.

All the techniques of engraving and artistic compositions can thus be

discussed without restrictions during the course.

You will work in optimal conditions. You will be corrected directly by tracking your gestures by camera placed on the binocular.

The courses are on a 5-day basis for a sum of 1900 €  without taxes.

Lunch is taken at Roland's.
Class times are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The course sessions are only given by appointment on the dates best suited to the apprentice candidates.

There is a very nice hotel nearby (

as well as several restaurants.
Other accommodation possibilities on Verviers is a town where it is very easy to reach by train. The workshop is located 5 minutes walk from the station.

Roland Baptiste has produced a book intended for all those who wish to train or discover the techniques of engravings.
Digital versions in English and French available for sale via email at at a price of € 72.60

Students who participated in the course will benefit from a digital pack for free.

This book is essentially technical and educational. It contains 160 extensively illustrated pages.

“With this book (PDF format), I wanted to make people discover my techniques and my methods of creations and achievements so that everyone can fully appreciate the work of the hand engraver.
I wanted to make a DVD to complete the book with visuals and acquire the right hand gestures. "

To see the work done, come and visit the workshop, whether out of curiosity or interest, it will always be with pleasure that you will be welcomed by simple appointment.

Hope to meet you. Roland Baptiste

manuel de gravure pages RBaptiste miniature2.jpg

Pour se rendre compte du travail effectué, venez me rendre visite dans l’atelier, que ce soit par curiosité ou par intérêt, ce sera toujours avec plaisir que vous y serez accueillis sur simple rendez-vous.

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer. Roland Baptiste

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