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Registration and warranty​

     In order to ensure that your RBAPTISTE watch has a long life, we invite you to read this manual carefully and keep it.

Your RBAPTISTE watch has been manufactured, assembled and checked with the greatest care.


    Each watch bears an individual authentication code engraved on its side on either side of the crown. It is made up of letters and numbers. Eg: ABC 273.

This number is shown on the guarantee certificate, which must accompany the watch for any intervention under guarantee.

Your RBAPTISTE watch is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for 2 years from the date of acquisition from an approved RBAPTISTE retailer, attested by the affixing of this date and its stamp on this guarantee certificate.

However, this warranty excludes the glass, the bracelet and their accessories, loss, theft, damage caused by improper handling, accident or lack of care and the consequences of interventions carried out outside our authorized departments.

In the event that an intervention under warranty must take place, all you have to do is bring your watch accompanied by the original of its valid warranty certificate to the nearest RBAPTISTE approved dealer, the shipping and insurance costs remaining at your expense.


3 position winding stem:

1. Running position and manual winding.

2. Quick date correction.

3. Time setting.



All RBAPTISTE watches are city watches, however, they are resistant to dust and contact with water (3ATM), showering and swimming are excluded.

Never operate the crown when the watch is in contact with water. Before any contact with a liquid, make sure that the crown is in its initial position (closed).



It's important to :

- do not expose it to strong vibrations.

- do not expose it to a magnetic field.

- do not expose it to excessive temperature variations.

Maintenance and repair

The maintenance or repair of your RBAPTISTE watch must be carried out exclusively by an approved dealer.

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