Roland Baptiste has been an engraver for twenty years. Since his entry into the engraver’s profession, he has consistently striven to perfect his craft to the highest degree possible.

Since he is from Liege and son of engraver, it was, but natural that his craft would focus upon embellishing the fine arms that are turned out in that city.

Gradually, his growing reputation as a master craftsman took him to all of the fine gunmaking houses in Belgium, and then to the historically prestigious gunmakers of Britain and other parts of the world.

Roland has had yet another passion – fine mechanical watches – and this kept him looking at the horologer’s craft from the time he was a boy. There is a parallel in the horologer’s perfection of minute parts put together with precision and an engraver’s zeal to bring out the best through fine work.

Year after year, he toyed with a plan to bring together these two crafts and create an amalgam of perfection combining both . . .

Custodian of Proficiency.

R Baptiste feels that it is now time to act. For many years, increasing mechanization of embellishment work has left even some connoisseurs unable to distinguish between computer generated and hand crafted engraving.

It must be admitted that computerized embellishment is technically perfect. However, it lacks a soul that one gets from the efforts and the warmth of engraving done by hand.

It took many meetings and discussions for R. Baptiste to find horologers who shared his visions for combining skills to create fine, hand engraved watches.

Gradually, the project came to fruition . . .

The Honor goes to the Artisans..

Manner similar to fine custom made guns, each watch would be personalized with engravings entirely as desired by the client commissioning it. A client commissioning such a watch would receive the combined efforts of craftsmen dedicated to offering their best efforts to create an object of beauty.