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Roland Baptiste has been an engraver for more than twenty five  year.

  From his beginnings, he has continued to perfect his work in order to master his Art to the highest point.

Originally from the city of Liège in Belgium and the son of an engraver, it is natural that his work turned towards engraving on hunting weapons given the gunsmith's past of this city.

His quality of execution leads him to work for the biggest brands in this field and this all over the world and more mainly in England where the most prestigious and historic Houses are gathered.  

His desire to preserve his freedom of expression and his creativity led him to refuse to comply with the constraint of mass production, sometimes for well-known brands.  

Passionate about watches since his adolescence, R.Baptiste has always kept an eye on the watchmaking world.

The thoroughness and precision of execution are qualities that share the profession of watchmaker and that of engraver as understood by R.Baptiste.

The idea of creating a timepiece is taking shape year after year ...

Keeper of know-how.

For R. Baptiste it is time to act. For many years now, machine work has been dominated to such an extent that less experienced amateurs no longer know how to distinguish between machine and hand.

Admittedly, the machine can do a perfect job but this perfection provides a result that is cold and soulless and it shows!

The concept.

"Originality must be the order of the day, but without being excessive or ostentatious".

R. Baptiste wants to keep "workshop smells" in his creations.

They must have a space dedicated to engraving and be recognizable.

The unique and personalized parts will be essential! We must reach lovers of beautiful objects and essentially share the love of beautiful work through the know-how of each Craftsman participating in its realization.

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